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Two Cubes Intersected by One Plane

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

Presbyopic Obstruction

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Through reimagined retail signage, window displays, and the conversion of the interior into a camera obscura, Presbyopic Obstruction is a site-specific installation that explores individual perception and how it is both consciously constructed as well as shaped, knowingly and unknowingly, by forces outside of our control.

Projected onto a specially erected wall made of unfinished drywall, the camera obscura offers a new and unique view of Broadway Boulevard just as construction has begun to widen the major East/West roadway in Tucson. Upside-down and faint, the image created by the room sized camera requires patience and ocular adjustment to view.

Meanwhile, on the exterior, the storefront signage presents three distinct words—Mary, Marry, and Merry—that, as a result of vowel merging, are pronounced identically by the vast majority of English speakers in the United States. (Those that hear a distinction, only 17%, typically reside or grew up in the Northeast.)

Both the ocular and oratory experiences presented by the work—on the interior and exterior respectfully—require a concerted effort on the part of the viewer to process, interpret, and understand. We are conditioned to accept what we see or hear first hand as fact—hence phrases like “seeing is believing,” and “I know what I heard,”—when in fact our perceptions are inherently subjective and can easily play tricks on us. Presbyopic Obstruction encourages viewers to consider the limits of their own perception in how they form foundational understandings of the world.

1/5 storefront detail

2/5 interior view

3/5 interview view

4/5 poster, front

5/5 poster, reverse


Handle With Care

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Handle With Care​ requires participation: the work must be lifted, held, and moved. While each box has the same dimensions and weight, looks can be deceiving. Through physical contact, and the labour required to manipulate each box, the work invites the viewer turned participant to reconsider our tightly held but often overlooked assumptions that shape our perceptions, experiences, and understandings.

Used for shipping, moving, and storage, the corrugated cardboard box is as familiar, mundane, and ubiquitous as any cultural object today. Shopping online, moving cross country, clearing out one’s desk, sorting through the possessions of a deceased relative–in each use case the unassuming, utilitarian cardboard box not only holds but also absorbs its contents. It is an empty vessel in which we can put our stuff, but also pour our feelings and memories.

This tension between the physical and metaphysical is mirrored by the presence of the physical boxes and the projection–the physical boxes are passive but activated through experience while within the projection the boxes are activated through movement but are passively viewed within the gallery space.

As one manipulates and moves the boxes within the gallery space, a projection demonstrates possible configurations and uses enabled by the boxes. The shared as well as unique qualities of each box present both expected and unexpected opportunities, encouraging one to let their imagination stretch beyond what may be physically inside towards all the possibilities engendered as a consequence.


2/6 video still




6/6 exhibition postcard

Immortal Declaration

Friday, April 5th, 2019

The mathematics of permutations, and the consequences of such arrangements, sit at the heart of this work. By reworking quite possibly the most immortal of American phrases—All Men Are Created Equal—to sheer and utter exhaustion, Immortal Declaration interjects tension while inviting the viewer to reconsider the irrefutable and inherent structures of power that underpin American life.


Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Forward / Reverse

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

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